Enigma Grid Manual


The ENIGMA GRID is a unique design utilising smart hedging techniques in a grid style strategy to make it much safer and ultimately more profitable. This has been 100% designed by our team and you wont find this anywhere else.

How it works

A normal grid strategy will continue to place orders buy (or sell) orders in the same direction as the market moves against the initial trade. The problem with this is that if there is a very large adverse market movement you can end up with large draw downs and potential losses.

The ENIGMA GRID does things slightly differently. If the market moves against our initial trade, the next order will be in the opposite direction! If the market continues moving against our initial trade, the second (hedge) trade will make profits along the journey. The third trade (if it happens) will be a normal grid trade and then the fourth trade will again be a hedge trade. and so on. This essentially means we are stretching out our grid and making profits along the way to handle any potential large adverse movements.

Of course, its not always that simple. The market may retrace after a hedge trade in expectation with our initial trade and the system will automatically close the hedge trade at a small loss so that we are back on track for our original target. It can do this multiple times and the system will calculate these small losses when determining overall profit target.

In short, a very smart, medium term strategy.