Grid Trader Manual


Grid Trading is one of the simplest trading strategies around and can make great profits provided it is used correctly. It is based on the age old principal of averaging down until you come out with a profit. The secret for long term success is to not be too greedy so that you end up with large positions. by using this semi-automatic ea you can easily identify when to enter and let the software do the rest. In fact, we use this on a daily basis on real accounts with small trade sizes to keep things ticking over.

How it works

The ea places simple buttons on the screen. If you choose to buy, simply push the button and a trade will take place at a predetermined trade size.
If the direction is correct, the system will try and get the largest profit possible for you by using one of the trailing stop methods.
If the direction is wrong, the system will place a slightly larger trade at a predetermined price point which brings the break even price point much closer to the current price. It may do this a few times until the market retraces slightly and all trades will close at a profit.