Ambush EA


Fully Automatic Expert Advisor

The Next Generation Scalper using a sophisticated recovery method to ensure nearly every trade is a winner - even if you get the initial direction wrong.


  • Has multiple attempts at each trade to make profits
  • Draw downs are minimised by clever hedging techniques
  • Increased percentage of winners compared to standard scalping
  • Works best in volatile markets
  • Spread protection
  • News protection


If a trade gets triggered there are a few scenarios. Let?s look at them.

The initial trade gets triggered and the price punches through just like we want.In this case the trade will be closed by either,Break Even point, Trailing Stop Loss or hits the Take Profit point. This is similar to how the Sniper works now except it doesn't have a stop loss. Instead it will hedge if it has too..

SCENARIO 2.The trade gets triggered and the price retraces. Now instead of hitting a stop loss, the system will place another trade quickly in the opposite direction (eg hedging) with a slightly higher trade size, say 1.1 multiplier. Therefore if first trade is 1 lot then second opposite trade will be 1.1 lots leaving a net trade size of 0.1 lots in reverse direction. Now if market still keeps retracing the Take Profit will be hit and end up around break even or small profit for the whole trade cycle.

SCENARIO 3.The market retraces again and a third trade is triggered. This time in the original direction with a net trade size of 1.21 lots. Note: we will either use a maximum of 3 or 5 trades so let?s assume a maximum of 3 trades in this example.The market keeps moving in this direction and the trailing stop and break even levels come into play again and trade is per normal. When trade is closed by any means (including take profit) all trades are closed at profit or close to break even.

Now, if we use a maximum of 5 trades, the system can do this cycle again.The big advantage is that it has a few goes at profiting from the support/resistance level as well as potentially profiting from a retracement. It is a much more robust system.


The above results were over 3 weeks using high frequency almost random trading to test robustness of system. The end result with over 300 trades is that it made a profit with very low draw down. This has proven the robustness of the system to either break even (or very small loss) or make profits.