"If you only had to use one automated trading system- this would be the the one for the long term."


A serious improvement one of the best, low risk strategies of all.

As it name suggests, it stalks the market by placing pending orders above and below the current market price. When the market jumps, the trade gets activated and then goes into attack mode to take advantage of volatility, often with very nice profits. If it is a false alarm, the tight stops minimise any losses and it goes back to stalking mode.

Improvements to original Stalker

  • Improved coding to make the software faster and more efficient
  • Addition of News Filter to avoid wild spreads on news announcements
  • Removal of Attack Mode as it slowed EA down and proved not necessary
  • Much Improved spread protection
  • Improved Trade Management for holding onto bigger profits when they arise


  • Operates on market action only - no complex indicators or theories. If the market is moving, this strategy will take advantage of it.
  • Simple.Fast acting scalper probing for quick market movements.
  • NEWS FILTER to keep out of messy times around big news events. (optional)
  • TIME FILTER: Have EA running only in the times and markets you want.
  • Tight stop losses to protect capital
  • Tight trailing stop to lock in quick profits
  • Only trades when the market is active and busy
  • Can be used an multiple currency pairs
  • Performs best in volatile or quick moving markets
  • Extremely low draw down


The STALKER works by waiting for when the market starts moving quickly and then pounces with quick acting trades. It does this by placing pending buy and sell stop orders above and below the current market price and regularly updates these orders regularly to ensure no false triggers. If the market has a sudden move in any direction, one of these trades will be triggered and the money management system kicks into place to complete the trade.

This graph shows you clearly how it waits patiently in quiet times and leaps into action when the market starts moving. It doesn't matter what direction the market moves or even whip saws. The pending orders will grab hold of them.


19th October 2017

New Set Files
We have just tested some new parameters that makes this even more profitable with more frequent trading... These set files are available to members.

Other input parameter results