Trade all the big news events safely using this simple concept.

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As you know, news events can cause extreme price fluctuations with the potential for great profits (and of course - losses). Just before a big news event and when it is announced is the most dangerous often with wild swings and big spreads.

However, just after an event, the market generally picks a direction and if the news is strong enough will keep moving. This is what we are trying to catch!

How it works

The Breaking News bot connects to a news calendar and sits on the sidelines until a few minutes after the news has been released. This keeps us out of the really messy markets.

The bot then places 2 pending STOP ORDERS above and below the current price when it wakes up in the hope that a big move will trigger one of the orders and grab some profits. This style of trading is often called a 'straddle'.

Of course, all standard money management is in place to manage the order to maximise profits and reduce potential losses very quickly.

If an order gets triggered, the other one is cancelled and the trade plays out. It then waits until the next news event. You never have to worry about missing a news opportunity again.

If the orders do not get triggered, the are cancelled after, say, 5 minutes as this means that there is no big market move.

Other important points

  • All liquid currency pairs can be traded
  • The bot will only activate if the news is related to the currency pairs you are trading
  • Tight stops are used to minimise any losses quickly
  • 2 types of trailing stops. Either a simple pip based or a percentage of current profits
  • Spread protection is included
  • Most trades will be of a short duration
  • Best to use with ECN brokers with tight spreads
  • Can run multiple currency pairs on the one account.
  • On screen data shows when next news expected so you can monitor
  • Can be used for high impact, medium impact or low impact news events.
  • Similar bots can sell for over US$200


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Note: News event strategies cannot be back tested unfortunately but the software and concept is extremely sound and has been used to make money manually by many traders