Recovery Zone EA

Semi - Automatic Version


This is another amazing tool designed for placing manual trades in a busy market and almost guaranteed a profitable outcome no matter which way the market ends up going.

It works by changing net direction of your trade using larger hedging trades in opposite directions.

It's a simple and powerful concept that is becoming a major tool in many traders tool kits and generally selling for around US$300.


We tested a similar version early last year on automatic mode and let it run for a month. These the results! The amazing thing is that it was not tuned at all - it simply placed regular trades at using a moving average indicator and then the recovery zone strategy kicked in.

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Even though it went extremely well, we really need to get the best possible inputs to initiate trades and that is what we are now focused on.

Saying that, the best way is often by manual instigation especially in volatile times. Use this wisely and you'll never lose a trade again...

Simple to use

The on screen buttons make it dead easy to use.
- if you think the market is going up just CLICK BUY
- if you think the market is going down, just CLICK SELL
- if you want to close all trades at once just CLICK CLOSE ALL

How it works

Lets say you think the market is going up you would simply hit the BUY BUTTON. At this point the ea will place a long trade (at the trade size specified in the inputs).

There are a few things that can happen from here:

1. You get the direction right and your start starts going into profit. Very quickly, the ea will place a stop loss at BREAK EVEN so no matter what happens, you cannot lose on this trade. If that break even stop gets hit, the trade cycle is complete with no loss and you start again.

2. If the market keeps moving in the right direction, a TRAILING STOP kicks in to lock in as much profits as it can. If the trailing stop gets hit, the trade cycle is complete and you will have a small profit under your belt.

3. In a nice trade, no stops will be hit and you will reach your TAKE PROFIT target and close out at a nice profit. Ready to go again.

4. However, if you get the direction wrong and the market immediately goes south the ea will start using the RECOVERY ZONE principle.

When the price hits the recovery zone, it will place a trade in the opposite direction at a greater trade size (generally double) to make the net trade a short position.

If the market keeps going south, it will it the TAKE PROFIT and it will close at trades at a net profit.

However, if the market changes its mind again and goes north, then a third trade will be placed to make the net trade a net long position overall until the profit target is reached.

It will keep doing this until a profit is taken and then sit quietly until you manually activate it again.

When is the best time to use it?

The best time is in busy or moving markets as it has more chance of a quick profitable exit. Euro and USA market opening times are great as well as just after major news announcements.

Slow sideways markets are painfully slow to watch and you also face the prospect of too many trades building up. If the settings are correct, this is not a major problem but can result in higher draw downs than we are comfortable with.

Screen Information

Your screen will populate with loads of data to give you an idea of things like net exposure, profit potential, spreads etc so you can quickly see whats going on. Also, all trades and stops and take profit levels are also shown on the screen visually so you can easily understand what is going on.


We will be supplying standard set files for most currency pairs for you.

The inputs are very easy to understand:

Lot Size Chose small lot size to start with. eg with a $10 acct try 0.1 lots
Multiplier This is used to increase trade sizes when placeing hedging orders (normally 2)
Recovery Zone (pips) This gives you the size of the recovery zone eg 5 pips. Small size increases trades and lot sizes quicker.
Break Even Start (pips) This is the point where the ea places a stop at the break even point to protect your initial trade.
Trailing Start (pips) This is where your trailing stop will start working
Take Profit (pips) Number of pips to close at a profit
Maximum Trades The maximum number of trades the ea will place in a trading cycle
Maximum Spread (pips) This will prevent ea trading if spread is too large
Profit Correction (pips) Use this field to add x pips to counteract spreads and commissions when calculating stops, profits etc. Generally use 1 pip.
Magic Number A unique random number so this ea can manage its own trades and not any other trades on the system

The other inputs are for visualisation