"I'm impressed. Just downloaded this tonight and am making good profits already in testing mode in a quietish market. Can't wait for a busy market to see what it can really do. I'll keep you informed. Thanks" Matt

"This is brilliant thanks. I have always thought that something like this would work and it does. Positive results on day one and I can see the potential. Really easy to use and understand as well. keep up the good work" J.K

A really simple and effective bot for beginners through to experienced traders


A serious MUST HAVE!

The BUY SELL bot is a semi-automated expert advisor that enables almost every trade to be profitable in a moving market WITHOUT having to pick the direction.

This is a must have - especially if you want to grab some quick profits when the market is moving without having to do any thinking. Just click the trade button and let it do its stuff automatically.

16 year old novice grabbed $200 in half hour during testing

Here is what a 16 year old novice did on first day of testing without having any knowledge of the markets at all.

OK. How does it work?

It uses a simple STRADDLE technique whereby when you click the trade button, it actually places 2 trades at the same time in opposite directions. eg 1 buy order and 1 sell order. At this point the account balance will then stay the same until one of the trades is closed as it is perfectly balanced.

Now the fun starts. There a a few ways for this to be used but the settings that come 'out of the box' are for short term scalping. (you can do longer term trades as well if you want but more on that later)

As soon as the trades are placed, they each have a stop loss and when the market moves enough to hit one of the stops, the real trade is then in play. The remaining trade immediately executes a trailing stop loss and will ride the trade for as long as it can - hopefully for a nice net profit. Even if the overall trade is a loser, it will only be a small loss. Then you can go again. Eventually you will hit a really nice big winner and then call it a night:)

In the above example, you don't have to do anything apart from the initial trade. Everything is automated from that point. However, once you get a bit of experience, you can adjust the settings so that they allow for bigger movements and close the trades manually by using simple buttons on the screen. It's very powerful and versatile for such a simple little thing.

Very simple settings

This is not complicated at all. You choose the trade size, the stop loss size you would like, the take profit and the size of the trailing stop. That's it. There is also spread protection in there so if the spread is too high, it won't place the trades.

Having it lean and mean means very fast execution and low memory usage which equates to being very reliable.

When is the best time to use it?

This works best when the market is busy so you catch some nice movements. The best times are just after news events or just after the London or New York sessions start. These events generally provide plenty of action.

Learn by playing with it - it's more like a game but NOT a toy

The best way to get a feel for it is to open a demo account and install the BUY SELL bot. Then simply hit the Trade button and see what happens. You can adjust the settings easily to see what effect it has if you want to but in a short space of time you will have a good feel for it and should be making net profits in no time.

Even though it can actually feel like you are playing a computer game, this is seriously NOT a toy. We have just made it easy and fun to use.

In less than an hour you could easily pay for a VIP membership*

Once you get the hang of it, you can then try it with real money. Start off with small trades and then slowly increase. As long as you only trade in busy markets, you could easily pay for the entire Positive Pips membership in one sitting.

Advanced traders can profit from news events easier

Once you have a bit more experience you can easily take advantage of market moves due to news events. You simply widen out the stops to, say, 100 pips or more so they don't come into play and click the trade button before the event. when the market has stabilised and a direction is clear, you simply close one of the trades via the button on the screen and let the winner run. You can then close that out manually at any time you want to. Simple and effective.