Here are some unsolicited testimonials coming in... This make us very happy as we are delivering what we are promising.

"I'm impressed. Just downloaded this tonight and am making good profits already in testing mode in a quietish market. Can't wait for a busy market to see what it can really do. I'll keep you informed. Thanks" Matt"

This is great thanks. I have always thought that something like this would work and it does. Positive results on day one and I can see the potential. Really easy to use and understand as well. keep up the good work" J.K

HI Keith,
I have taken the next step and set up a real account. Things have been very positive on my Demo account in the last 2 weeks. Thank you.
regards M. Stephenson

Just want to say thanks.
Very impressive bot, I know it hasn't got a big gain under it's belt yet but the way it works to cut off losses is great.The other bots that I have used in the passed all managed to make really good trades but fell in a heap when it came to loss control on orders that didn't go the right way.
Personally I think the loss control is the really cleaver bit, and I'm sure that it took a lot of effort on your part.
Much easier resting at night.
Keith C.

Very impressed and happy so far.
Thanks Keith for all your hard work
Cheers Nat

Hi Keith,
Nice week this week on my live account...+5.9% for the week, 8.1% overall. very happy with that. Cheers Rod

in this last hour it's made some good profit in my account, i am very much happy with this ea and i would like to say big thanks to keith :)

This is one of the best EAs I have tested so far.
What I like most is the low maximum drawdown. Even when I set the trade size to more than 100, the max. drawdown is still lower than 20%.

Have been running the stalker for a week now and no trades except for one night and then lots of trades. Nice profits:) thank you. I think I am understanding how it works now.
John C.

Excellent.. Thanks Keith. I've been checking out the source code.. Very clean :-)..
Sean J.

"By the way - SUPER impressed so far mate! Have run it for almost 2 weeks now - every single day has ended in profit so far. You really might have something here pal.. :)"