- How 'safe' are these strategies?

Good question and an important one. We have been around too long to gamble so everything is all about capital protection. Every strategy is well designed and expertly coded. Each strategy has different stop loss and money management systems. We suggest you start with a demo account and/or conservative settings until you get a feel for the products you are using

We have done everything to make you 'sleep easy' at night:)

+ How do I get started?
+ Can I test it with a demo account first?
+ What is the minimum account size required?
+ Can I take profits out at anytime?
+ Do you offer support?
+ How do I set it up?
+ What will I get straight away?
+ Can I use these products on multiple accounts?
+ Can I use more than one trading bot at a time?
+ Do I need a VPS?
+ Can I use my SMSF?