+ How 'safe' are these strategies?
+ How do I get started?
+ Can I test it with a demo account first?
+ What is the minimum account size required?
+ Can I take profits out at anytime?
+ Do you offer support?
- How do I set it up?

We supply all of the software and instructions for you and will help VIP members set it all up for you if required.

You will need:
1. A forex broker
2. A Virtual Private Server (VPS)


We use which is what we test all of our software on. It's fast, reliable and based in Australia meaning that it is heavily regulated by ASIC and APRA. However, most other brokers are fine. The key thing is to have a broker with low spreads and fast execution.

Setting up a broker account is relatively easy and can all be done online.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

A VPS is essentially a computer in the clouds where you run the trading software. This means its connected to the internet at high speed and permanently. You can access your account though from your own computer, tablet, smartphone etc at the same time. The VPS is used to run the trading software in a secure environment.

We use at around $30 a month however you can use any other VPS you may have or find cheaper. (This is your only ongoing cost by the way)

There is another option using a virtual hosting service with

This is a very reliable service and is only $10 a month but a bit more complicated to set up. We suggest starting with a normal VPS and then moving over to this later. We will help you with the changeover as well if you want.

+ What will I get straight away?
+ Can I use these products on multiple accounts?
+ Can I use more than one trading bot at a time?
+ Do I need a VPS?
+ Can I use my SMSF?