+ How 'safe' are these strategies?
+ How do I get started?
+ Can I test it with a demo account first?
+ What is the minimum account size required?
+ Can I take profits out at anytime?
+ Do you offer support?
+ How do I set it up?
+ What will I get straight away?
+ Can I use these products on multiple accounts?
+ Can I use more than one trading bot at a time?
- Do I need a VPS?

For fully automatic strategies a VPS, or 'virtual private server' is essential so that you ensure that your trading software is up and running 24/7. This is the only cost and is approx $30USD per month but is a small cost to pay for reliability and ease of access.

However, if you are trading using semi automatic strategies whereby you instigate the trade and let the software manage it, then you can get by with a good home computer and quality internet connection. This can be a good way to start but eventually a VPS would be more desirable.

+ Can I use my SMSF?